Out-Side the Box Theatre

About "As We Are"
Three siblings confront a gay-bashing incident that has haunted them for years.  What emerges is a fast-pace whodunnit that whipsaws and blurs the lines between truth and lies, victim and perpetrator, and gay and straight.  Sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking,
As We Are explores how, for better or for worse, mistaken beliefs and misunderstanding can shape the direction of our lives.

This is Out-Side the Box Theatre’s fourth stage excursion (all have been written by Larry E. Blossom) into exploring weighty subjects that are often so puzzling in these times, and the second involvement in the Capital Fringe Festival. A Family Reunion (2011) examined the impact of human trafficking on an American family. The Waiter (2012) portrayed a chilling story of an adolescent suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.  Last year's Capital Fringe production of Dance of the Wasp and Spider (2013) was Blossom's third staged full-length play and garnered a 5-Star Review and Best of Fringe designation from Eric Denver of DC Metro Theater Arts.  
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As We Are